CDC researchers admit that some vaccinated persons will be infected with flu

In a new study published in the journal of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report,United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) researchers admitted that, “…early [vaccine effectiveness] estimates underscore that some vaccinated persons will become infected with influenza.” This report also admits that, based on infection rates in recent years, flu vaccines are also only about 60 percent effective at preventing the flu.

The data the CDC is using to claim even a 60 percent effectiveness rate for flu vaccines is largely misinterpreted, however. According to the Lancet published meta-analyses that the CDC is referring to with its 60 percent effectiveness claim, only about 2.7 in 100 adults gets the flu every year on average. When you introduce vaccines into the picture, however, that number only drops by 1.5 percent.

This means that, according to the Lancet study that health authorities now routinely use to claim that flu vaccines are effective, the vaccines really have an effectiveness rate of only about 1.5 percent. When you consider possible margins of error as well as any other discrepancies, the actual effectiveness of the flu vaccine is negligible, based on present data.

The CDC and various other major public health agencies are struggling to maintain the flu vaccine image. It seems that no matter how many people get the flu vaccine, flu outbreaks only continue to intensify. This may demonstrate that widespread malnutrition, lack of vitamin D, and toxic environments, rather than a lack of flu shots, is the culprit of the current flu epidemic.

“…so it is with the ‘Flu Virus’ theory and the injection of toxic harmful vaccines. Let’s just call the ‘Flu’ by its real name based on its true cause. For example, the so-called ‘Flu’ could be called the “Acidic Holiday Disease.” Or the “Holiday Stress Disease.” Or even a better name for the Flu could be, “I eat and drink too much protein, sugar, carbonated soda, and alcohol disease.” Or just simply “The acidic food and drink disease” during the Holiday Season.”

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